Maine Lobstermen’s Association:
The Maine Lobstermen’s Association advocates for a sustainable lobster resource and the fishermen and communities that depend on it.

Cheap Seats:

Boston’s only omni-genre variety show stitched into a theatrical six-ring circus.

The Living Jarboe:

Legendary rock musician Jarboe’s artist website and e-commerce store.


Feeding Tube Records:

Independent Massachusetts record label “operating on the fringe of obscurity” catalog and promotional home.


Molly Allis:

Artist website integrating elements drawn by the artist.


The Independent Magazine:

This long-running magazine (since 1978) covering independent film and video got a modern, content-centered website redesign that included migrating over 15 years of web articles from an outdated Drupal site.


Maine Lobstermen’s Community Alliance:

A nonprofit organization dedicated to supporting the Maine lobstering industry. I built a custom WordPress theme for this website based off a design by another designer.


Neil Horsky:

Community educator Neil Horsky’s interactive historical education courses.

Casey Rocheteau:

Poet, artist, historian of the future Casey Rocheteau is the recent Write A House recipient of her own house in Detroit!

Arkm Foam:

Massachusetts-based musician and performer.